Do you want to build a snowman? 

We had our first snow of the season this weekend. Milk and bread flew off the shelves as quickly as it was put on there.  As usual we were in the middle of that hard to tell range. Where it could be anywhere between 1inch to 6. I planned for 6 and you know made… Continue reading Do you want to build a snowman? 


How to be a Boss Ass Bitch

I can definitely benefit from all the steps to becoming a Boss Ass Bitch for 2018!



They might have our bodily autonomy (hopefully not for much longer), but let’s not give them a watered down version of our selves that society has conditioned us into. This is it, the ultimate guide to being a powerful girl boss while still being kind to others and the planet. We are going to be the generation of women that shatter the glass ceiling and then turn it into a nice chandelier afterwards. In the words of my mother ‘stay pink as fuck”. If you ever need a motivational speech on how you are a powerful worthy person, also ask her too.

Without further ado, here are my top tips so you can also become a Woman of Power, and give two fingers to the patriarchy this Christmas. Anyone who identifies as a woman or feels like they need a little help becoming an absolute boss lady, gender aside, is welcome here too.

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The one (I’m happy) that got away

I've been seeing a lot of posts in letter form to previous mates. An equal amount of posts talking about past love. So figured why not join in?  ___________________________________________ I was a young and impressionable 13 year old when I met the boy who would become my first love.  The only way to truly describe… Continue reading The one (I’m happy) that got away