6th book review & I'm doing it a bit differently. I haven't finished the book. At least not this time around. This is my second time reading the series. I read it for the first time... over a decade ago. But it has never strayed far from my mind. Especially with the new era of… Continue reading Uglies


Hello Spring

Ah warmer weather is en route. Being able to trade winter coats and pockets stuffed with gloves for simply long sleeves and pockets stuffed with tissues. Snow on the car transforms to a nice yellow coating of pollen. Summer is well within reach. Or so I had thought. No--winter still lingers. Or rather keeps returning… Continue reading Hello Spring


the Luck of the Irish… and Easter bringings

HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY Or drink until your liver explodes day. A day full of green rivers and beer. And one of the few holidays were gifts aren't required. I've been thinking about that for the last few days, as everyone begins to buy their Easter baskets, because the hunger games will be commencing soon.… Continue reading the Luck of the Irish… and Easter bringings