That Obligatory Introduction Post

WHO AM I? Well that’s one secret I’ll never tell…

Just kidding. I had to do something to lighten the mood of doing one of these obligatory introduction posts. Which if I’m honest, I really don’t enjoy… which is even more ironic since I consider myself somewhat of a ‘blog site groupie’. I’ve been around the blog-boardwalk a few times, trying to find a site I could truly call home. The most recent seemed promising, but alas it wasn’t otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I’m sure if you google it you’ll still see it lurking in the search engines because I’m holding on to it– just in case… I also have a bad case of hoarding and letting go obviously…

Who Am I Concept

So… Who am I?

My name is Demi… aka The Lupie Momma. Just a normal gal, who is navigating married life, mom life, and life in general. Oh, I’m also doing it while living with a chronic illness called Lupus.

Most people hear Lupus and have no idea what it is. Don’t fret, I too was one of those people. To put it shortly it’s an autoimmune disease, where basically my body sees itself as a virus. I won’t go into too much detail because I’m saving that for my actual ‘My Diagnosis’ post.  I’ve only been diagnosed for a little over a year, so I’m still learning new things and still adjusting to this new life. Because believe me, it definitely turned everything upside down. But I’m hoping this blog will help me document my new life, while also spreading awareness and maybe if I’m lucky helping someone else who finds themselves diagnosed with Lupus.

Not every post will be all gloom and doom, with crazy information and statistics, I promise. I’m going more for a ‘how am I doing this while being sick’ kind of atmosphere, because I do get asked that a lot from people. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I honestly don’t know myself. Most days I am usually winging it, and just hoping that the toddler and I are still alive at the end of the day. And occasionally I may share some actual serious writing I’m working on– from what some have told me that I’ve shared with I’m good enough. And yet, no book deal has fallen into my lap.

Oh sidenote… a fun little perk of Lupus is sometimes I experience brain fog. Where I can literally not focus on anything or if I do, it doesn’t make sense. So if you come across a post and you’re like ‘WOW. I don’t have a clue what she’s getting at,’ bare with me, I probably posted it spontaneously during a brain fog so I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to share, and I promise I’ll go back and edit it if it happens.  

Let’s see… what else to include in this About me introduction? Oh yeah… I have no intention of mixing politics, religion, or any of that other controversial stuff on here. Been there, done that, learned the hard way to never do it again.

HOWEVER I do enjoy interacting with people so feel free to like or comment to strike a conversation. I enjoy making new ‘virtual’ friends! 🙂 Everything else you’ll want to know you’ll have to keep reading this to find out!



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