Bandaids & Boo-boos

“Momma has boo-boo again?” my daughter asked as she watched me pull yet another bandaid from the box.

This had to have been at least the 17th bandaid I had applied this weekend. Maybe it was the bandaid brand? Maybe it was the location of which the bandaid was being placed? Maybe I just washed my hands too many times throughout the day? Either way our house is now currently running low on all bandaids– princess ones, adult ones, even the oddly shaped ones no one ever really uses are running out; And the ones I keep applying keep falling off.

“Yup momma has a boo-boo.” I said wrapping Olaf around my thumb and hoping he would at least make it until the end of the night. Spoiler alert– he did surprisingly! 

Sidenote: you never really notice how much you use something until you are desperately trying NOT to use it. And it’s like the more aware you are of not using it the more you end up banging it and flinching in agony and hoping you don’t let out a slew of expletives because your daughter is in a bad phase of repeating EVERYTHING. 

“I has a boo-boo too.” She responded holding up her tiny little finger. I saw  nothing more than a red spot that I am sure was just dye from the jelly beans she recently ate.

“Momma can kiss it and make it feel better,” I offered because as I said before bandaids are running low and I wasn’t particularly feeling a run to the store for more tonight. Spontaneous trips to the store are never quick and easy when one has a toddler in tow. 

“No momma I need Elsa or Anna on my boo-boo.” I silently cursed as I reluctantly reached into the Frozen box of bandaids and withdrew one. I could have told her no but I’m not an a-hole parent. I would bleed into a makeshift paper towel and tape if need be if it meant making my daughter happy by giving her a bandaid. I wrapped it around her tiny finger and sealed it with a kiss.

“All better?” I asked.

“All better! I kiss your boo-boo too momma!” She said aggressively, as she grabbed my thumb. It took all of me not to flinch and jerk my hand away in pain.

In case you’re wondering what my life threatening boo-boo is… I broke my nail. At such an angle that it’s like broken off into my skin. I tried my best to trim it off with no luck. I’m pretty sure I actually made it worse. And of course it just won’t stop bleeding. Or it does and I hit it on something and oh look there’s a new drop of red DNA falling to the floor. Seriously I have never broken a nail like this. And of course it’s on my dominant hand…

Anyways, after both of our boo-boos have been bandaged and kissed, we returned to our snuggle session of watching tv. After a few minutes she grabbed my hand and looked at me.

“Look momma we have same boo-boos. Elsa and Anna make us the same! All better now!” She exclaimed before kissing my bandaged thumb.

My heart got all warm and bubbly. 


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