The Annual Weekly Hunger Games are Commencing

It’s that time of year again. The Hunger Games– I mean Easter Egg Hunts are in full swing for the next two weekends. And I’m not exaggerating about this being the modern day Hunger Games. For two years now I have watched children stretch and get in a running position while waiting for the countdown.

Egg hunts are serious business these days. So serious I have to have a make shift hunt for my daughter beforehand, otherwise the poor child wouldn’t get any eggs. Like her momma, she is nice to the core. Like her daddy, she hates crowds. Do you see how this could be a problem?

Surprisingly so, yesterday she did quite well. While waiting for the signal to go, she and a few other toddlers thought they would snatch up an egg or two within reach. I tried my best to hold her back with ‘we have to wait‘ but if I’m being honest, those two eggs weren’t going to make or break the hunt.

Finally they yelled go and off she went, full of laughter and excitement. As I said she did surprisingly well, and only grabbed ONE egg that another child was after. But she redeemed herself by returning an egg to a child that had been dropped. See, nice to her core. And at one point she decided she was just going to sit and grab all the eggs within reach because that is apparently easier than bending over constantly.

Hey whatever floats your boat kid.

The hunt ended and we went to assess our– I mean her goods. I don’t know who was more disappointed, me or her! A bucket full of eggs and the only candy given was in a small bag from the Easter Bunny– whom I’m surprised she went to because she sure didn’t at the mall the other day.

Let’s be real… egg hunts are the trick or treating of spring! 

Instead she got…

  • A handful of tattoos that she thinks are stickers… which always makes me wonder who thinks it’s a good idea to give toddlers tattoos??
  • A handful of these little jumper bunnies that don’t really jump
  • A handful of little gel bracelets and rings… which okay I’m fine with those.
  • And erasers. Mini erasers. Choking hazards for most kids but mine refuses to eat anything but chicken nuggets so we’re good on that front.

When we got home I was half tempted to let her egg hunt again with the stuff I had gotten her for Easter, but it was past naptime and she was in a cranky mood so it didn’t happen. She did get some extra candy from the potty training jar because I could tell she wanted more. And guess where her lovely egg hunt finds have been since we returned home?

In her bucket… untouched. Because after the initial excitement of opening them wore off and she realized candy was not appearing she wanted nothing to do with it. Hang in there kid… I promise the Easter Bunny won’t disappoint next week.


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