Short Stories & the Like

A Window with Opaque Curtains

Our marriage is like a window with opaque curtains in front of it. When we pull them back, light filters through radiating happily ever after. But when drawn, a shadow of darkness fills the air. The hope that we would grow and change as the years went by is no longer there. People don’t really change though do they? They merely adapt to the surroundings right? Who we are at our core is always there beneath the surface. Love is still there but it’s not the same. Standing on the other side of the window, it appears as if he is the bad guy. The villain in this fairy tale. And sometimes it’s easier to go with that than the truth. But the real villain in this story, is Life. Yet, no one wants to hear that, so we every morning with the rise of the sun, we open the curtains so light can filter through with happily ever after. And every night with the setting of the sun, we close them once more, allowing the darkness to engulf us.

via Daily Prompt: Opaque


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