The End has Begun

**There are no spoilers in this post!**

Pretty Little Liars– a show about a group of girls being bullied by an unknown person whose identity changes every season. If you haven’t watched it, I say binge it on Netflix! 

Funny story about my history with this show. I saw the books in Barnes & Noble years before the show ever aired. I thought the plot was interesting but for some reason ended up going with a different series. Then the show premiered and I’m one of those weird people who would rather read the book first, so I didn’t watch it. 
MEANWHILE everyone else was. I caught an episode here and there during the first season and just wasn’t interested. Then a few more episodes during the all day marathons before the new season started. 

My conclusion was that this show was a complete waste of time. But I’d still watch an episode here and there when nothing else was on. Then I got pregnant. I was in a show hold… and guess what was about to start? A new season. So guess what happened? That’s right I ended up watching half a season before the new one aired. 

Big mistake. The show jumps around a lot of if you’re like me coming in in the middle it can be confusing when they reference something previous. I spent a lot of time texting my younger sister, who quickly told me to hold all questions until the premiere went off. I can’t blame her I do the same thing. I will pause it and explain everything just so you don’t keep asking me about it.

I faithfully tuned in every Tuesday for that season. Afterwards I’d spend the evening on twitter going through the tweets dissecting every little thing. Yes, my obsession happened real fast! The season ended like it always does–in an even bigger cliffhanger. Once again in another show hold… I decided hey… let me just go and backtrack from the beginning on Netflix. I had enough time to get caught up before the mid-season premiere aired. 

Or so I thought. 

I was hours away from the start of the new season and still had a handful of episodes to go. If only I hadn’t started a new show in the midst of being catch up… that’s where I had messed up. But… I got caught up with 14 minutes to spare. I felt like a total champion. My husband laughed at how addicted I was to this show I had once proudly exclaimed that I was not apart of. Now that laugh is more of an exhausted sigh because here are three seasons later after I originally started watching and we still have no idea who A is. Whether he admits it or not, he too is invested in this show… 

Right so tonight… or rather yesterday since it’s after midnight. The FINAL SEASON premiered. We have TEN episodes until it is over for good. I told my husband that and he laughed saying yeah right, to which I said in true Fandom fashion like I work for the show or something “no really they’ve tore down the set already.” 

And of course I worked tonight so I won’t be able to watch it until tomorrow… but in a state of boredom and winding down I like to scroll through Twitter before bed. Another big mistake. Naturally my timeline was FILLED with tweets including #PrettyLittleLiars … I was dodging tweets left and right until I gave up after about a minute. Now I watch a lot of shows and follow them on twitter. Usually I can get by without any major spoilers… nope not this show. The whole fandom live tweets the entire show. We give ZERO effs if you didn’t get to watch it because well you knew it was Tuesday… you should have planned accordingly. 

I have only had this problem with two other shows. The Walking Dead and How to Get Away with Murder. An occasionally Orange is the New Black if I fall behind on my binge within the first 24 hours… which usually happens because Netflix keeps crashing from EVERYONE TRYING TO WATCH IT THE DAY IT COMES OUT. 

So what is my prediction for the final season for those of you who watch the show??

Who is A? — I’ve been saying it for awhile that I think Alison has been A all along. And this is just one of her games… but I’m going to say it’s Spencer. BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if we get to the very last episode and they leave us with the biggest cliffhanger EVER. I am quite positive the internet will EXPLODE if this happens. We’ve been waiting for YEARS now to find out who A is. Kids are going to therapy from not knowing… kidding! But they might start if we don’t find out. 

Do any of you watch it? And would like to have weekly chats about it? Or is there another show you’re highly obsessed with you want to share? 


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