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The Tiny Terror that is my Daughter

I like to watch her sleep. A lot. Her little hands wrapped around her babydoll. Her wild curly hair sprayed out on the pillow. So peaceful and angelic looking. And then I wonder why she can’t be like this sweet little angel all day long!

Okay she’s not as bad as some kids I know.. she’s well mannered, shows empathy well, listens and obeys MOST of the time. But some days… especially here lately– my sweet adorable curly haired toddler is a complete and total terror. I’m talking hormonal teenage girl terrorizing. And it’s those days I wonder if she’s even going to make it to the teen years with that attitude. 

Funny enough, her fortune cookie today said “ask yourself if my attitude is worth catching.” 

On a good bad day, our biggest battle is food. If it’s not a chicken nugget or French fry or cheese or fruit or a veggie pouch, she doesn’t want it. She will literally cover her mouth and cry before she tries a new food. On occasion she has completely freaked out and you would have thought we were trying to force feed her. Which is ironic because she used to eat EVERYTHING and I used to brag about it. I guess karma got me huh.

On an average bad day, we experience the picky eating, and a few NOs when asked to do something. Usually a few minutes in time out works and she comes back and apologizes on her own.

And then there are the bad bad days, where I begin to understand why some animals eat their young. These are days her attitude really comes out, and it seems like NO is a foreign word to her. As a result, there’s usually a lot of temper tantrums– mostly from her but I’ve been known to have a few of my own.

Today was worse than those days. She took crazy to a whole new level and really pushed me over the limit. Usually I’m the “good cop” in the punishment department. But she really tested my patience today, however I stood firm on being the mean momma. No puppy dog tears and apologies going to work on me. Nope not today.

People keep telling me that this attitude era continues til about age 5. Then ages 5-9 are the chill years before they turn into hormonal preteens that turn into rebellious teenagers that make you question why you even had kids. I am seriously looking forward to the chill years at this rate.

Surely I’m not alone here right? What has your kid done to make you understand why some animals eat their young? 


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