Well Hello Allergies…

We meet again. I thought perhaps we were on good terms and I would only have a few days of sinus agony. Well played friend, well played. 

You hit the entire household in one punch. Thanks. No really, I enjoy having a sick toddler while I myself am struggling. Our coughing and sneezing competition is the highlight of our day! I am also enjoying having said toddler spit out the medicine because it’s nasty and doesn’t actually taste like bubblegum. But she has been extra cuddly so I’ll take it…

 And really your timing couldn’t have been better. I don’t have a ton of stuff to pack and move this week or anything. But if you could just maybe ease up for a few days it would make this process so much easier. You know actually I think we’ve met our allergy agony quota for the year, so how about I see you again in the fall? No? Okay well can you at least ease up until I don’t know say the 15th? I’d like to enjoy my birthday and mother’s day this year… remember how last year you decided to take the season off and sent in Shingles as your replacement? Yeah I think you owe me for that… I’m still having phantom pain

Still no? I should have started taking my allergy medicine sooner to avoid this? Yeah you know you’re probably right I should have. But since everything bloomed before spring actually hit I thought I was good. Another joke on me. 

Well I can see that negotiating with you is going to be more difficult than with my toddler. I can accept defeat. You may have won the battle allergies but the war is still on. 


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