Lupus Awareness

Day 2 of Lupus Awareness 

Day 2 of Lupus Awareness and I am cutting it super close with my friendly awareness post. So for the entire month… hopefully… I decided I would spice it up and add some purple to my hair. So when people asked “why do you have purple in your hair?” I could respond with “For a good cause…”

Unfortunately purple is the color for A LOT OF CAUSES, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Domestic violence… to name a few. 

See my game plan here? I answer with a fairly mysterious answer in hopes they will ask me what the cause is. In 2 days, I can admit that this has been a fairly good method. 

“Oh what’s the cause?” They ask if they don’t automatically assume it’s for domestic violence… and really only one person has so far… 

Well I am glad you asked… and then I proceed to tell them that May is Lupus Awareness month and that I have Lupus, a brief rundown of what it is and this was an easy way to spread awareness.

It’s a little bit more pastel purple than I have planned but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. Or people are lying and are enjoying me walk around looking like a fool. Either way… I just have to at least make it to World Lupus Day. 

Today… a doctor’s office that specializes with Lupus patients organized #PJDay…. as part of their awareness program.

My mini me and I usually do this all day anyway but today we had an excuse to roll to the doctor this morning in our jammies. I faithfully stayed in my jammies until I had to go to work but even then I wore yoga pants which are basically dressy jammies!

I had also been wearing a Lupus Warrior bracelet… but either my wrist is too big or the bracelet is too small — probably the latter because it says 8″ and I know my wrist is. 7.5″… but it became a bit uncomfortable so it’s now sitting in my jewelry box. Oh well the thought that counts. 

Tomorrow I plan to have an actual informative post… its just been crazy hectic with everything!


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