Day 3 of Lupus Awareness 

Despite this, accurate awareness and knowledge is lacking. It is estimated that 1.5 million Americans alone are affected. To make it worse, it’s extremely hard to diagnose because NO TWO CASES ARE ALIKE. There isn’t one test that can be taken to determine if you have it. In fact, it took me a few weeks of consistent lab work before being diagnosed. And that’s lucky. Some people go YEARS not knowing and or being misdiagnosed. 

Oh… did I mention there’s no cure? At least not currently. But fingers crossed some medicine going through clinical trials and doing well continue to do so…

Okay… so what is Lupus though? 

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know. I definitely didn’t. I just thought “at least it’s not cancer.” And yet I’m on medicine they give cancer patients… the irony

Lupus is… an autoimmune disease. Not contagious, though due to a weaken immune system YOUR germs can potentially kill me. For instance, common colds. You get over it in a week roughly, it now takes me two on a good month… but last year I did enjoy having a cold an entire month. Super fun! 

In short… my body sees itself as a constant threat and is therefore constantly attacking itself. Which oddly enough prior to being diagnosed, as I’ve mentioned before, I was rarely ever sick. But boy when I did get sick I got sick bad! 


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