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Moving Day Continued

Today was Day 2 of moving…

And I was overly optimistic to think it would be the final run. I had apparently underestimated just how big a few pieces of furniture were and as a result, Saturday will be Lucky Day 3.

Now this morning I woke up full of energy. I basically loaded all but 2 things by myself.

Why didn’t you get a Uhaul? 

Because that’s an unnecessary expense when you have a truck. 

But this won’t be one trip like you said… you don’t realize how much stuff you have and how big it is. 

Well… next time I will be sure to get one. 

With me leading the way, off we went. And when I say my road rage was unbelievable this morning. It was. I swear every slow Sunday driver was on the road today. I threw my hands up in questioning manner and dropped a expletives the ENTIRE TRIP.

Upon arrival, my next door neighbor briefly opened the door to ask if we needed him. We thanked him but said no. We then saw him leaving in his work uniform several minutes later…

How do you offer to help someone when you’re about to leave? I’m just saying…

After moving the two big items, I felt my energy crashing and burning. I was winded from the short walk from where we had parked outside my door. Joys of #Lupus …. Yet, determined to get it all in and mostly unpacked, I kept on.

Needless to say my body is feeling it hours later now!

Even with a minor setback of realizing the bedframe I ordered NEVER arrived and upon calling the help center, found out they too had no idea where it was. No worries they’re shipping me a replacement even though I’m outside the return/refund period… remember those other 2 potential moves I mentioned? Yeah that’s when I ordered this stuff… over a month ago!– I still managed to get the place looking homey.

And then with a hangry toddler who hadn’t had a nap yet, I declared the end of Moving day 2. We even went and had lunch together… like one big happy-not getting divorced family.

And then I don’t know what happened. I guess everyone just got into a mood because when we got back “home”– I wanted to drop kick both of them. Their attitudes were unreal. No naps were taken either, well I napped while they both pouted in the other room. #Aint nobody got time for that nonsense. Because Lupus gives ZERO effs when it decides to kick in full force and take you out. And it did… complete with muscle spasms.

After my nap, Cranky Pants Sr and Jr were in better moods. So maybe I was the one with an attitude? Psht nope. Definitely was not me this time! We even joked about the things I was still packing and taking.

Really? You’re taking the sprinkles?

You don’t bake… speaking of I’m taking my muffin pans. 

And you’re taking the cans of collard greens? Wait yeah you can have them. But the blender is mine… 

Ah no I got that.. 

After you broke mine… 

I didn’t want the blender anyway. But I’m taking the coffee pot! You said so. 

Take your nasty nausea tea too. 

I will! And my cookbooks that I don’t use.

*We eagerly stared around to see what else was left for grabs. Our eyes landed on our daughter’s playdoh above the fridge.

YOU CAN KEEP THE PLAYDOH! I blurted quickly.

And then we laughed and laughed because while we both hate Playdoh with a passion. Yet I love glitter. And they are basically one in the same in the sense they get everywhere! I am so looking forward to Christmas this year. I’ve been denied glitter ornaments for far too long! 

But that was my super exciting moving day! How was everyone else’s Wednesday? 

Oh I also found this hilarious app called “what’s the forecast?”

I keep refreshing it just so I can laugh!


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