Holidays, Lupus Awareness

Cinco de Mayo! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Or as my nearly 3 year old called it “Cinco de Mario.” Otherwise known as #National Eat Mexican Food and Drink Tequila Day!!

But all fun festivities aside… you’re still getting your daily dose of Lupus Awareness from me.

Yesterday I posted about being exhausted and not being able to really write. I’m not over exaggerating. I can have a few good days, and because I have to make the most of those good days, followed by a few bad ones. Where my body is basically playing catch up. It gets worse if it’s cold or raining, or coming.

That myth that old people can feel the weather in their bones is NO MYTH. It’s real. I experience it all the time. And surprise surprise it’s raining currently which is probably why I felt horrible earlier. That and I have been go, go, going nonstop the past few weeks. 

Basically my body is screaming STOP and REST please. But do I listen? Only when I am physically unable to do anything else. Like yesterday. Everything hurt. I couldn’t focus well. 

So to make up for my lack of awareness yesterday… here’s a few little extra facts!


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