Pure Heart…

A book review

This is my 7th book this year… well technically my 6 and a halfth (is halfth a word? It is now!). As much as I tried, I just couldn’t get through the last 100 pages. Which sucks because I have a strict if you read more than half the book you finish it mindset. And I couldn’t…

Now I literally judged a book by the cover. Grabbing it off the shelf in passing because it had Grace and whiskey in the title together. And I easily tore through the first 100 pages the night I started it. However as the book progressed it turned into more history lessons and technical know-how details I just didn’t care about.

Overall I did enjoy what I read. It’s based on a true story. And if I’m ever in a hardship I like to think that I could start distilling whiskey. Whoops. Spoiler I’m sorry… but that’s not the entire story. I honestly think if it wasn’t for the detailed technical know-how I could have finished it. However if you enjoy history and detailed know-how you’ll enjoy this book!

Overall I give it 4.5 out 5 stars. 


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