Lupus Awareness

You know how to cure my Lupus? Please do tell!

Lupus awareness day 6

I absolutely love when people tell me how I can cure my autoimmune disease. Seriously nothing tickles me more than some non-medical person telling me what I need to do. My all-time favorite is from a coworker, who is just I don’t even know how to describe her. She had asked me if I was on any medicine or anything. I told her I was.

A daily medley actually. Each with a worse side effect than the next. Or my favorite they have the SAME side effects and life is just miserable. 

She then proceeds to tell me to EAT this ground up rock combination because it releases the toxins in my body. BUT not to breathe in the fumes. 🤔 So I can eat it but I can’t breathe it? Nevermind the fact that she told me to literally eat ground rocks… I was stuck on the fact that I could ingest this “magic cure all” but it was dangerous for me to breathe it.

I obviously didn’t take her advice. Because I didn’t want to speed up death any faster. 

My other favorite is my MIL who swears by Dr Oz. And what works for her. She hasn’t quite understood that I am not her and that my body is literally pushing the limits everyday as is.

I get it. People think they’re being helpful. But they’re not. So I just nod politely and say “Well my doctor has me on a pretty good regime right now that’s working… but thanks.”

Someone also once told me that I got Lupus as Karma… well damn. I mean I’m no saint, and I’ve done some not so great things. But I don’t think any of them merit me as a contender for a non-curable autoimmune disease. 

So I decided for Day 6 I would compile a Short list of things I’ve been told to do to cure my Lupus… and why they didn’t or can’t work.

  1. As the picture says “diet and exercise” -> Let’s start with the Diet part of that. I already have a pretty long list of foods I can and can not eat. And mostly I follow it, at least half the time. Sometimes Mother Nature just craves something and I got to have it or I’ll binge eat it later… however I am unfortunately in a serious relationship with this medicine called #Prednisone. … its so serious I’m having its baby 😒😢 oh you’ve never heard of it? It is basically gives you uncontrollable munchies. YOU NEVER FEEL FULL. It also disrupts your sleep but never mind that. You can’t loose weight if the medicine you’re on makes you hungry all the time. And Exercise— you know this one is also a double edged sword. They say it makes you feel better and sometimes it does BUT usually you have NO energy to do it in the first place.
  2. Weird herb concoctions or essential oils. I don’t trust anything I can’t pronounce or can’t easily buy from the grocery store. I don’t want to try your Clove Oil and Tumeric bath salts because your third cousin’s baby mama tried it and it worked. But mostly I have NO idea how whatever you’re giving me is going to react with my medicine. Seriously though, I have to carefully count how many hours it’s been between one of my medicines and taking Pepto or any kind of heartburn relief.
  3. Praying I get better. Boy if this one isn’t a slap in this the face. Because believe me I pray a lot that I get better… and yet here I am still sick. I also pray a lot asking why me, still waiting on that answer.
  4. Changing my lifestyle/environment. Believe me I have. I’ve cut out as many stress triggers and negativity and toxic relationships as I can without completely isolating myself.

I know there’s more but see Lupus also causes occasional “brain fog” where remembering things more than a few hours ago is hard. Heck sometimes I can’t even remember a few MINUTES ago.

Or I’m in a daze and going through the motions but it’s like I’m watching myself from outside of my body.

So again. Folks I know you mean well but unless you either have Lupus yourself or you have DR. in front of your name, please for the love of God stop with the suggestions.


4 thoughts on “You know how to cure my Lupus? Please do tell!”

  1. Haha luv it! Yes I have started to get this with people who don’t even know about Lupus!…yet they would like to share their healthy wisdom. Really bugs me when I know most of the stuff they are saying or do it or have tried it anyway! P.s I am also in a relationship with prednisone lol

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    1. It’s gotten to the point where I just smile and nod and just kind of tune them out. Mental eyeroll here and there.
      And :0 how dare you intrude on my relationship with Prednisone?? Lol just kidding please by all means take him. Her. Take it. Haha I won’t even be mad

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