Life Happens

What are these sounds??

I do not know. 

It’s my first night in my new place. Finally. It’s been a super long week, and the rain sure didn’t help at all. But by golly I was determined to be sleeping here by tonight!


The day started rough. Everyone had atttitudes. The rain wasn’t helping. But once everything was moved in and it was just me and munchkin… things seemed to calm down. We actually got a decent amount of things unpacked and put away.

I say we like mini me actually helped… 

We ended the night by going to see my little sister off to prom. They grow up so fast! And Em stole my sister’s date while taking pictures. It was the cutest thing ever. And then she decided that wasn’t enough and just continued to photo bomb them.

Em doesn’t Chi Chi look like a Princess? 

Not Cinderella. 

Well of course she’s not Cinderella silly. She’s your Chi Chi. Ah the honesty of toddlers right??? 😂

Did I mention our belated Cinco de Mario celebration? That was muy disappointo? Como se dice disappointment end Español? And if I butchered that well… its been a good decade since I took a Spanish class… and I didn’t feel like looking for accents over letters ha.

But anyway… its our first night here. I probably won’t sleep much tonight. All these new weird sounds. The fear someone is going to break in. The sounds. Did I mention the sounds?

There aren’t a lot… but when you’re not used to living near people you suddenly hear EVERYTHING. Every creak. Every door. Everything.

But hey… at least my kid is knocked out.

My little sleeping beauty.

And as I’m proofreading this… there’s some weird crazy ice scraping noise. Obviously it’s the freezer but still. I can hear everything. It’s driving me nuts. Even with a fan running. 

How did you deal with the first few nights in a new place??? Help me. I’m in desperate need of sleep soon!


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