Lupus Awareness

Bruises & Lupus

I’ve always bruised easily…

But it seems like since being diagnosed the bruising is much worse and much more frequent. Most days I wake up with a new assortment of bruises I have no idea how I got.

These I’m sure are from moving… 

I’m sure most people who don’t know me or the fact that I bruise easily probably think my husband beats me. Not the case now or ever. 

But the odd thing is these bruises don’t hurt like usual bruises do. Most of the time I don’t even know I have one until I see it. Case in point my legs… they don’t hurt and yet there they are big as baseballs. Completely ruining my outfits for the week…

R used to joke that our daughter beats me in her sleep. I wouldn’t doubt it. Child sees like a dancing octopus. And add baby dolls with hard plastic feet and princess crowns… yes they are more than likely the culprits. But who will ever know?

Now I’m not saying if you bruise easily and frequently you have Lupus. I’m just pointing out that since I was diagnosed it’s more common with me. But every case is different.

Does anyone else bruise easily and frequently?? 


2 thoughts on “Bruises & Lupus”

  1. I have always had tons of bruises and scrapes. BC I was always a combination of active and rectless. Or you could call it clumsy…case and point I just dropped a butter knife and it nicked my ankle. Didn’t notice I was bleeding for a good while! Thanks for posting about lupus! Learning a lot!

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