Holidays, Life Happens

Pop the Bubbly!

Sadly not that kind of bubbly tonight… though it might would have made this story better.

And I don’t know how all these chicks on instagram make their bubble bath pictures look great because it took me several tries and multiple filters to get it to look even halfway appealing! 

Ahhhh…. the birthday bells chimed at the stroke of midnight. Marking the 26th year of my existence. 

The day was filled with Princesses and Tea. My daughter told me I even looked as pretty as a princess! Kid knows the way to my heart obviously. A nice lunch followed by an even better nap. I even managed to get some more things unpacked, in an attempt to make this place more homey. Not much luck if you’re wondering… 

Now I had originally (and by that I mean I decided yesterday) planned to spend the remainder of my weekend flying solo. Chillin’ out maxin relaxin’ all cool… but sadly R is still sick with whatever he said it was and so to ensure neither mini me or myself caught it, with me she stayed. Which is fine because honestly I was having major mom guilt over not being with her on Mother’s Day.

I had planned a nice relaxing evening full of face masks and soaking in a nice hot bubble bath by candlelight. I was unbelievably looking forward to it, and no tiny human was going to stop me. So tiny human took her own bubble bath accompanied by her toys. Gasp and she even managed to wash herself mostly all on own. Please stop growing! We read a book, and thankfully she was out for the count. I might have had some assist with some Lavender baby lotion, but hey a momma gotta do what a momma gotta do. 

Tub filled with bubbles AND a bath bomb, because #treatyoself! Face mask on. Candles lit. Stepped in and nearly screamed bloody murder because it was HOT. TOO HOT even for my liking. And I like my water 97% hot and 3% cold.

Fail #1. 

After adjusting the water which seemed to take forever, I felt the need to take one of those cutesy bubble bath pictures… why? I do not know. I’m 26 and should know better.

Fail #2. 

Then as I slouched into the water, which was actually relaxing to my achy muscles, I realized that bubble baths are really more enjoyable in big jacuzzi tubs when you’re an average size adult. I sat in the water for a few more minutes, pondering this decision.

Seriously though, who even enjoys baths? As an adult, the idea of sitting in water filled with the days dirt that’s clung to my body, AND then using that same water to clean myself with…? Just doesn’t leave me feeling clean. 

And then I did what I should have done to begin with… I drained the tub and turned on the shower. Not nearly as relaxing but hey I felt clean afterwards!

Things I learned that I should have already known doing this:

  • Always check the water. During fill up and especially before you hop in there.
  • Do not try to take cutesy pictures.
  • Make sure that you can fit comfortably in your tub.
  • Oh wait bubble baths are clearly only fun for tiny humans so take the damn shower like the adult you are! (Lol) 


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