Life Happens

One time, I joined an online cult

 Okay– I guess it isn’t really an actual cult, but most days it felt like it. It was another blog site, one I stumbled upon through a friend. It was in the days before I found this place. I read ONE story on the homepage and I was hooked.
Install the app immediately hooked.
It was like an utopia. So many blogs filled with every kind of story/post you could imagine. And people actually responded. Sure not many at first, but a few here and there, and then I posted a rather controversial political piece and well I quickly gained followers and was blackballed. But I continued on because this was the first time I had ever had this kind of communication with a blog.
The vanity in me was fueled by the little green hearts that meant people recommended my stuff.
It was addicting to say the least. I was spending so much time logging in to see the latest story or fingers crossed to see that I had another little green heart to add to my collection. But all utopias have their faults…
This was one’s was that it bordered on the line of cult-like behavior. Oddly enough, the “popular” kids weren’t the young millennials. No actually they were the annoying ones with their “How To blah blah blah” and “X number of blah blah blahs to get blah blah blah.” posts, like they were some Guru on whatever the topic was. And I would consider them to be so if I didn’t see the same type of post by several different people. But no, the cool kids were all the older people. The Golden Girls as I secretly called them. No really these people were old enough to be my parents if not older. And it soon became very obvious that if you upset one your days were numbered.

Luckily I scooted under their radar for the majority of my time in this “cult”. Even friended a few and had some nice conversations. That’s not to say I was completely in the clear, one particular show down with one of the GGs caused some major friction.

I guess they thought that because they were older I was going to bow down. Joke was on them because I didn’t. I held my ground because no one is going to bully me into changing my mind on something. Let alone some grandma behind a screen with nothing better to do with her life.

Seriously, I never thought I would ever utter those words about an old person in my life. But these old Bats were the very definition of a cyber bully…
The dust around that show down settled and I thought that I was in the clear. Nope. Election time rolled around and it became blatantly obvious the site was bias. And anyone who expressed a different opinion was more or less shamed. Ridiculed. Talked about behind your back.
Yes. These old bats did a lot of gossiping behind the screen. Some days I thought that surely this was a joke and these women were actually teenage girls… and I say women because the men on this site were always super chill and drama free.
The holidays approached, my stats from being on there for 9 months, give or take were impressive, but I was beginning to hate the site. Between the Golden Girls rule and the political bias-ism, not to mention reading the same post written several different ways, made it exhausting just to log in. The stuff I wanted to read kept getting lost in the shuffle of arguments and other useless stuff.

I lost my desire to post.

Yet I continued to do so,  simply to keep people engaged. But it became a chore. So one night, I deleted my account without a word to anyone. I even deleted the app. It felt like a huge weight lifted off of me. I did for a few days wonder if anyone had noticed or missed me. They had and they did, a few people I had gotten to know on a personal level offline checked in on me. Around the time I deleted that site I joined this one. I knew there would be more work involved engaging people… [like hello is anyone reading this??] But if it meant I didn’t have to write with the worry of upsetting someone “higher up” than it was worth it.

Freedom of speech… as so many people seem to forget we have.

I was strong set on never returning to the other site. And I held my ground for several weeks. But like all cults that try to get back sheep that have strayed, those little green hearts kept calling out to me. How I missed them. And the interaction. So I rejoined, like a thief in the night. I wish I could say that it was worth it.

But it wasn’t. Mere hours after rejoining, I was scrolling shaking my head. Remembering why I left the first time. Yet, I didn’t delete my account again. Or rather, I didn’t delete it right away when I originally posted this on the site. I have since deleted it, and I haven’t gone back since! [So thank you to you folks on here for making it want to stick around here! 🙂 ]
It sucks that my utopia fell short on its expectations. It just means that this site can be what I really want. So if you’re reading this… thank you. Be sure to let me know by dropping a little comment or like. Or you know… hit me up on Twitter. You’re actually more likely to get a response on there too… I’m still figuring out the hacks of this site.
So that’s my fun story of the time I joined what I’m pretty sure is an online cult. No one will admit it but no one is denying it either….

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