Goodbye May

A little monthly review…

It’s hard to believe that I have been here for two months! Although I may not interact and post as often as I want, I really enjoy this community. Much better than the previous (cult-like) one I was on. I have enjoyed getting to know some of you through our comment exchanges and I enjoy reading what you share! I hope you guys feel the same too! My blog stats are slowly on the rise. I’ve made 50 posts, gained roughly the same amount of followers (THANK YOU!), and received 200 likes 💜 (THANK YOU AGAIN!)…

As May ends… and #Lupus awareness month does to, I hope I shared some interesting facts to help you understand more about this lesser known illness. And of course if you ever want to ask me about it feel free to! I’ll answer best I can from my experience.

This month was also a busy and crazy roller coaster. I moved out and started the separation process. I got sick while helping the sick. I watched my little sister graduate! I celebrated my birthday with Cinderella and Belle, and the company of good friends. I spent Mother’s day on fairly good terms with my mother after a year of not speaking. Unfortunately, I also lost a loved family member…

But overall, I made it own my own. An empowering feeling, considering I have always more or less depended on a guy/relationship. The feelings are still raw and at times a little unbearable, this morning for instance the radio was talking about weddings, I got teary-eyed. However, like a phoenix rises from the ashes anew, I will too. It’ll take some time, but I will.

I am hoping to do a 30 day writing challenge for June… but we shall see how that goes. June seems to already be super busy… day trips to the beach and DC, meeting long time online friends, my sister’s other graduation…. my daughter turns THREE. 🙈🙊 I can’t even go there right now. My baby is a threenager!

Goodbye May. 

Hello June!


5 thoughts on “Goodbye May”

  1. Congrats on two months of blogging — I’m certainly glad to have found your blog! My daughter turns 3 at the end of June, but I’m pretty sure the threenager stuff has already started 😉

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