Life Happens

So much for a 30 day challenge huh?

Well… it’s June 4th… and I have not written anything for the last 4 days like I said I wanted to.

I wanted to don’t get me wrong.

I just had no energy. Or motivation. 

After working late all week, and having to get up at the Crack of dawn to go get Em… I was both dragging and in pain.

I love having a chronic illness and pain said no one ever… 

It really truly sucks. I hate having to live life on a day to day basis. I had wanted to go visit friends this weekend. Get a change of scenery. My body determined that was asking too much. So instead I opted to just go to the pool with Em… I forgot to put sunscreen on my back and my body decided that it was going to remind me how much it hates me. Tan line aside (because ah yes black people do tan), my back is in even more pain. Thank you Lupus for altering how I handle sunlight.

At least my pasty pale child was completely sunscreened head to toe and is still pasty pale after all this… 

Speaking of my pasty pale munchkin… she climbed out of the pool twice. On her own. After watching a little boy do it. #Proud momma moment… BUT WAIT there’s more! She’s been doing really well with potty training (knock on wood) but today she not only went potty on her own. She POOPED in the potty–on her own! Anyone who had ever potty trained knows how monumental this milestone is. And I’m sure one day facebook memories will remind me that I shared this with everyone and she will groan in embarrassment… but today is not that day as she was equally excited to call her Daddy and Nonni (grandma) and tell them inbetween mouthfuls of candy. Before announcing she had to now go take her bubbly bath.

I guess the brightside to not writing for several days… I now have TONS of topics to write about. Just not enough energy to write them all before I forget. And by energy I mean everything hurts and I’m dying… slowly… painfully. Like holding the phone because I was too uncomfortable to sit up and type is killing me.

Like I said. I love having a chronic illness and pain said no one EVER.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more tolerable…


2 thoughts on “So much for a 30 day challenge huh?”

  1. I hope there are better days ahead ((hugs))

    Congrats to your little one on going to the potty! Next week is the week we’re gonna put Baby Girl in underwear and stay home for a few days and hopefully get her there.

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