A to Z Challenge: A is for…

Unfortunately no this is not my apartment building. But it was featured on the series Gossip Girl!

Apartment Life…

I never expected to be living in an apartment ever again. I have tasted living in a house, with no neighbors nearby, and I want it back. Badly. People have asked me why I moved out instead of R. Simply because 1) I wanted to make this as smooth as possible and 2) it was his before we got married so technically I’m not entitled to it. 

In the days leading up to me moving. I looked at countless apartments. I guess I’m too uppity because I said no to just about all of them. If it was just me, I might would have considered. But as a single mom, with a toddler, I had to be very particular. Which is hard enough, but add a limited income… its basically impossible. 

There were a lot of Google searches for cheap apartments in good neighborhoods. 

Obviously I found one, and I am slowly starting to feel like it’s mine. Granted everyday I pass all these houses for sale and I’m like dammit if I had just waited longer I could have gotten approved for a mortage! Future goals. But it still has that somewhat secluded feel but everything is right there– which I did miss living in the boonies.

And I lucked out. My little abode is a corner one on the backside. I have someone to the left of me and someone above me. And that is all the interaction I have. I’ve met them both. But still that’s it. They’ve even been nice enough to leave me the first spot because they know I have a kid. For the most part, I don’t hear them. Occasionally I hear the footsteps above or the door shutting next door, and I have to assure Em that it’s just the neighbors, and not a monster or bad guy.

I also don’t have to worry about lawn care or taking the trash off. Not that I did that while I was married, those were his designated chores. But especially now that I’m sick and can’t do the bare minimum most days, that is nice to not have to worry about.

The only downsides to apartment living:

  • Carpet. I miss my hardwood floors.
  • Lawn care guys always seem to know exactly when naptime. But again they keep it nice and neat so I don’t have to so I can’t complain too much.
  • No dishwasher. And my sink is like 3 inches deep, can’t have no water in that to wash them. I literally had to buy a wash bucket thing…
  • No washer & dryer in my actual apartment. Granted it’s literally 2 doors away. Not the point. I also have to pay… #first world problems huh.
  • Potential stolen packages. No problems yet but it’s the first month.
  • Have to keep the blinds close… so I can walk around nakey/barely dressed.
  • Less space. Now obviously if my budget was bigger I would have more space. But I don’t,  and you never realize how much still stuff you have until you have nowhere to put it. 
  • I can’t paint the walls when I feel like it. Don’t get me wrong. White makes the space look bigger but damn if I hadn’t had my heart set on gray walls. Like I had just gotten R to agree when he dropped the bomb on me. 
I mean it’s nothing super exciting to write home about, but it’s all mine. No man. No roommates. Just me and munchkin. Oh and I do have a bar counter! That’s really what sold me. And like I mentioned, I’m slowly making it feel more homey…
Funny story about the bathroom. When my mom visited she questioned the amount of soap bottles I had in there. I laughed and said “Actually 2 bottles are shampoo and 2 bottles are conditioners. Emma has her bubble bath and special soap. I have mine. But hey at least we’re always clean and smelling good!” 🙄 She did at least compliment me on my color scheme I picked so I have that going for me.

And hey… I can say that 95% of the furniture and whatnot is MINE. I spent my own money on nearly everything. And let me tell you that’s a mighty good feeling saying that. #Legit Boss One letter down 25 more to go!


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