A to Z Challenge: C is for…


I hate cooking. I hate buying the ingredients. I hate all the prep work. I hate all the dishes I have to clean afterwards.

In my younger days I dreamed of being rich enough to afford a chef to do all this for me. That didn’t work out so well… so I had to learn. Because for some reason my mother never really taught me…

For the longest, my options were Frozen or Take out. When R and I first started dating, many a night he had chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Frozen and from a box, respectively. In those days he actually cooked for me. It was amazing. Now I’d have to beg him to fix dinner… 

Yet, in an effort to become more wife-like I slowly learned a few go-to recipes. And believe me when I say, when I master a recipe that he enjoyed, that’s what we had repeatedly for days. Until he begged me not to fix it again.

Now it’s hard enough cooking for 1 picky eater. But when both of you are picky and like things the other hates… you have to get real creative. Otherwise you spend a lot of time making two versions of your meal… add an even more picky toddler and well take out always sounds like the better option.

Everything I fix comes with a side of chicken nuggets and fruit for Em… 

Now despite my lack of cooking skills. I’m pretty good at throwing a bunch of random ingredients together and making something fairly edible. And my gourmet ramen meals are on point. No really, I can make ramen look fancy as fuck. Everyone always laughs at my relationship with ramen. And then they see what I made and suddenly everyone wants to try it.

And I feel accomplished that this past Thanksgiving, I made my ENTIRE MEAL all by my damn self. I pulled all that nasty out of the turkey, and cooked that bird to moist perfection. I slow-cooked the most amazing green beans ever. My homemade macaroni and cheese made R ask me to only make it on special occasions because he ate nearly the entire pan of it. I even made a pumpkin pie. Okay… that one was frozen because I had to go to work that evening… but hey I baked that thing to golden brown deliciousness.

And I didn’t burn any of it. The house was still standing after I was done. Now the sink did flood but that wasn’t my fault. A pipe busted… because of course something big had to happen.

Thankfully my cooking skills have a come a long way from even just a few years ago. I guess my mothering instincts kicked in and I knew feeding my child McDonald’s everyday wouldn’t be a good option… though ironically all she eats now is chicken nuggets, fries, fruit and cheese. Kid used to eat everything and now she has like 5 things she eats. Everything else is met with “I can’t eat it momma.”

Sigh. Hopefully she outgrows that soon. I’m tired of buying chicken nuggets…

What are some of your go-to recipes? I’m always looking for new ideas to try 🙂


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