A to Z Challenge: E is for…

Emma! And the crazy things she does and says… 

Because even the Baby Doll has to eat!


My little sassy soon to be threenager. For those of you who don’t know. A threenager is a tiny human age 3 who has the mind and attitude of a teenager.

I’m told that things get better around age 6 and lasts until about age 10. And then this whole vicious cycle continues. 

I’m obviously a little bias when I say I have the most amazingly beautiful and intelligent kid ever. But don’t let that cute face fool you. She is actually a Gremlin 😂 but the things she does and says pretty much make up for it.

For starters she is a true Momma’s girl. Where I go she goes. My friends are her friends. She’s even told me she’s going to be my best friend forever. We will see how well that goes in her actual teen years. She gives me extra long hugs and kisses and snuggles.

She dances around like… I don’t even know. Especially when she’s watching a movie, she will literally reenact the entire scene for us. Perhaps an actress is potential career? 

And her singing. Whether it be Taylor Swift or the Trolls, it’s absolutely adorable. Now she has learned to make up her own words to songs and it’s even more cute.

Reading books? After we read it, she has to read it herself. For awhile every book went “one time a boy…” & eventually she started telling us what they were doing on each page.

And she is a selfie queen. I have never met a child who enjoys snapchat filters as much as she does. She’s even gotten to the point she likes to take pictures of her food. I am guilty of teaching her that habit. I do it a lot. 

She is also a master of the arts as far as ipads, cell phones, and video games go. No really she’s 3 and can play Mario better than I can on the wii. 

I could seriously go on and on, but I don’t want to be that mom… that’s what Facebook is for. Am I right? So I compiled a short-ish list of the funny things she has done recently.

  • (Upon hearing the frequent motorcyclist that revs his engine passing the house) There goes that idiot on the motorcycle. Did I mention her memory and repeating things is unreal?? Ha ha.
  • (If she doesn’t want to do something) Because no. 
  • (If she doesn’t want to eat something) No momma I can’t. Don’t make me. 
  • (When she goes potty after I’ve asked her to try anyway) See I told you I had to potty. 
  • (When she gets in trouble) Next time I promise I will. 
  • Can I have $20? (No really she just skipped the whole $1 and went straight for $20!)
  • (She pretends to go through the drive thru with her Barbies) Chicken, fries, applesauce, juice, ice cream. Thank you. 14.99. 
  • (At bedtime she asks for snuggles) Snuggle me like this. 

Last night she was wrapping her Baby Doll, appropriately named Baby Doll, in blankets and I asked her if she was sleeping in the bed with us. No momma she sleep on the floor. And she proceeded to make her a little blanket fort on the floor. I asked if she needed us to get her a bed. No momma she sleep on the floor… 

Baby doll ended up in bed with us of course.

As I mentioned a few days ago, we went to the pool at my mom’s house and now she associates Nonni’s house with going to the pool. I go see my Nonni and get in the pool. And go splish splish splash. 

My favorite is when she’s telling me the video game she played with R. Everything is always “the bad guy” and I have to figure out if she means a) wrestling, b) little big planet, or c) they were actually playing bad guys.

Momma I need ma-nilla ice cream. 

I get two prizes for potty right? 

I watch the ipad momma.

Listen to the Troll song momma. 

Again momma… 

Awhile back, R dropped a bottle of jelly during lunch. And in complete sass Em goes See if you sit down like I told you it wouldn’t happen. I nearly died laughing. Once I composed myself, we explained that only mommy and daddy are allowed to say that. She was not to thrilled.

But I have to say that her sleep-talking (yet another trait she got from me) is when she really gets us. So far we have heard her:

  • Yell out for Apples, a monkey, and milk.
  • Randomly start laughing like the Joker.
  • Tell us she didn’t want to go.

One night, she even told me in full detail about her birthday. Momma I’m going to have a Mario Party. Mario. Luigi. Princess Peaches. Red and green and yellow. I gonna have a cake and presents. I’m going to the be three like John Cena. My birthday coming soon momma. 

And then rolled over and passed out. A few times we try to get her to keep going but it rarely works. Occasionally she will tell me how happy she is I’m snuggling with her. Or when I finally doze off I’ll kiss her forehead and tell her I love her. And she’ll reply she loves me too. So I then ask if she’s awake and she’ll say yes– and then start snoring again. Cutest thing ever.

Speaking of her snoring… we always do the Kevin Hart skit where he tells his kid to go to sleep and the kid just passes out and starts snoring. Well she learned it. And so we will say “Go to sleep Emma” and she will plop on the pillow and snore obnoxiously loud and then start laughing.

Well now that I have probably bored you to tears with my kids crazy antics… sorry what can I say? I’m a mom. She’s my life. And I’m highly amused by the shenanigans she does. I will bid you farewell, and will actually have something FANTASTIC for the letter F tomorrow! See what I did there?? 


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