A to Z Challenge: O is for…


》》and no this isn’t going to be some gruesome TMI post… I promise. 

There is something about seeing a newborn that makes every woman’s baby-makers go crazy. Occasionally a nice looking lad (or lady) also has the same effect. But not nearly as bad a newborn. 

But these baby-makers or baby holding cells aren’t as simple and delicate as they pretend to teach you… no these little vital assets to reproduction are in fact assholes. Reeking havoc on all innocent women for decades at a time. 

  • Mood swings
  • Bloating
  • Cravings
  • Cramping
  • Slightly irrational behavior 
  • Acne
  • And occasionally strong involuntary urges to produce offspring

All of these are just the beginning. Some people have it worse. Others must have sold their soul to Satan because they literally have NO symtpoms. 

I had it worse for awhile after being diagnosed with Lupus. I was miserable as miserable could be. And since I was strongly encouraged not to have anymore children, it seemed particularly cruel to force me to keep enduring this nonsense. So I searched my options. Surprise there aren’t very many options. There are even fewer options when you’re still within age-bearing age, because doctors seem to think that no matter how much research you do you will still change your mind. So they make it super hard for you to get cleared… 

But I have apparently found a way to sell my soul to Satan and have minimal symptoms.  The depo shot. Now I had heard mixed reviews, and was horrified of gaining any more weight. Knock on wood my weight has maintained at its prednisone weight. I have also not had an actual period since my first shot in November. *Usually it takes a few shots but hey I’m not complaining.* 

However, occasionally it appears as if Satan is not entirely happy and I have this Phantom Period of sorts. Where I get like extra whammies and symptoms 😒 and it’s like my Ovaries are screaming and Rioting inside. 

And I have to play peacekeeper with chocolate and Chinese food. Okay so it’s no different than my prednisone munchies but still… hell hath no fury like a hormonal woman. 

Am I right? 


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