Father’s Day Tale Part II

But I do have one father to celebrate…

Em’s father.

Do I call him my husband because we’re still legally married? Do I call him my ex because we’re separated? Saying Baby Daddy just seems so wrong… 

As much as I love to hate him… I will always celebrate him on Father’s day. Simply because he gave me the most important part of my life. Our daughter. And no amount of hurt and anger will ever change that.

Now… I will admit I did have a brief petty moment when he asked what I planned to get him for Father’s day. To which I responded “the same thing you got me… nothing.” Nothing wrapped in nothing… damn these men need to pull it together huh. But in his defense he was incredibly sick, and he did end up taking me to lunch (whether it was for my birthday or Mother’s day I’m not sure but they were back to back so I’ll let it slide), and when he’s not being difficult he does still do a lot for me. So aside from the handmade gift Em made him, I ordered the specialty shirt he asked for. Because karma is a bitch and I’m trying to stay on her good side.

But no in all honesty, he’s a much better father to Em than mine is to me. I won’t dwell on his over protective nature or that he really hates to do any of the fun father-kid activities I suggest… because this isn’t a mean spirited post. He takes care of his child and that is the most important thing to me. He knows what she likes, knows what size clothes she wears, and actually does things with her– they’re just in the form of sitting at home playing Legos and video games. BUT like I said, I will take it. That’s more than I can say about my dad.

I wanted to add a few more pictures but holy fuck it’s taking forever for them to upload so I will come back and add them…

So yes, despite our differences, I can acknowledge that he’s a better father than my own. I may wish he did more of the father-kid things I asked of him, but I guess as long as he’s doing something I can’t complain. Besides it is really cute watching the two of them play video games. She really is her daddy’s child. 3 years old basically and already better at controller movement than I am at 26. 


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