A to Z Challenge: P is for…

I know I know, I’m a few days late… 

But P is for Parenting Style.

According to this article Types of parenting styles & how to identify yours, I believe I am predominantly “Authoritative” with “Permissive” tendencies. We have rules and we enforce them, but every now and then we seem to just throw caution to the wind. It usually comes back to bite us though. 

But then I did some more searching because I was looking for something more… sounds weird I know but I found it. 

A more modern list of parenting styles.

I’m still within the Authoritative/ Permissive category. But I’m also in the Natural and Nurturing Parenting Styles. As in I believe in forming a special bond with my child helps me understand her better, and it does I can spot the difference between a hangry attitude, a sleepy attitude, and just an attitude in a heartbeat. I never believed in the whole crying it out method. But to each his own. I co-sleep and I love it. I highly doubt she will be one of those kids they warn you about with the dangers of co-sleeping, you know nearly a teenager and asking to share a bed. No she already occasionally turns down bedtime snuggles. I also believe in letting her learn from her actions… if I tell her to not jump on the bed because she’ll fall and then she falls. Well now she knows what happens and won’t do it again. Has this worked yet? No because my child thinks she’s a WWE wrestler and pretends to jump off the top rope. She is also part dare devil I am certain and therefore gets a thrill out of the danger in falling off the bed. So she gets in trouble for this a lot. 

At the end of the day I parent according to the needs of my child. And not how society tells me to.

She was both breastfed and bottle fed. I did stand firm on vaccines. We tried the whole make her sleep in her crib, but when I was breastfeeding having her in the bed was so much easier. And I enjoy her snuggles. We didn’t give her juice until about 6 months ago and that’s only because she got sick. But still we now cut it in half with water. Usually. Some days she’s good enough to have a whole cup of sugar. Usually in that the form of a kids meal drink. She’s not the healthiest kid with her chicken nugget obsession, but kid puts away some fruit (and veggies in pouch form) and cheese, and she’s not big on sweets– and as long as she’s within the recommendef percentage of weight for her size I’m happy.

Screen time? The most controversial topic, we have a love hate relationship with that. Sometimes we do feel like she’s just been a sitting zombie for awhile, and some of the things she finds to watch we’re like nope. Change it. Or better yet go play.

But mostly everything she watches is educational. For instance, her learning the alphabet and numbers fast was largely due to Seasme Street. Sure we have flash cards we do but I think it helped a lot more her watching it. Same with her sentence development. She would start off just repeating a word or two from an episode. And then finally she started to put them together. Repeating an entire scene.

So whether you’re a type a or type b parent. One who hovers uncontrollablely or a more laid back parent, parent as you see fit for YOUR child. Because little Suzy is not the same child as little Timothy. And trying to fit all these kids into one mold is exhausting.


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