A to Z Challenge: R is for…


Do you believe in God? Is just about the most controversial question we are asked. Because depending on who does the asking, depends on how they will react to your answer. Like racism and politics, I try to avoid discussions based on religion.

To answer the question though, I do believe in some form of God or higher power. Some days I may believe a little bit more than others. I consider myself a Christian, and I’ve been baptized as such. However, I find myself incorporating different religions into my lifestyle.

I found this while searching religion images to use and I thought how perfect is this!? Especially with all the chaos surrounding religion these days. 

Now I am not one of those Bible toting, always got a scripture on hand for everything types. In fact if someone does ever ask me for a scripture I usually have to turn to good ol Google. I don’t attend church nearly as much as I would like, services usually interfere with naptime; but no really I always feel as if I am not “churchy” enough when I go.

That being said, If you believe in God, that’s great. Am I going to try to convince you if you don’t? No, not at all. Some days I have trouble believing myself so who am I to judge you for your beliefs?

But I thought all Christian folk believed that God is the answer to everything? 

I am not all Christian folk for one. 

And while I believe in some form of a higher power, I don’t believe that he or she is the answer to everything. I think that for a lot, not all, that believing in some type of God gives us HOPE. But it also provides a scapegoat for when things don’t go as we want. Sure I thank God for all my blessings, especially the unexpected monetary variety. But I can honestly say more often than not, I am asking God WHY ME? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?

And #sorry, not sorry — people who say that you can pray your problems away are full of it. I have prayed for my depression and Lupus to go away, and yet they are both here. I have been praying for my (now failing) marriage and the strength to get through it, regardless of whether or not it’s what I want… Yeah still waiting on that too.

But you have to be patient. 

Patience is another virtue God seemed to have skipped over giving me. I have zero. I learn this more and more everyday.

HOWEVER… I will say that I have come a long way on my religious journey. I was once a lost sheep , very very lost. And it took a trip into the great dark followed by reluctantly being dragged back into the light to be found again. Obviously, I still stray a bit, but I think even the most devoted religious types do at some point or another.

At least God is a loving and forgiving person… and as long as we ask, he/she is there waiting for us. 


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