A to Z Challenge: S is for…

Sneezing & Snotty Noses

First day of summer and my munchkin is sneezing and continuously has a snotty nose. Poor kid. What a way to spend the first day of summer right? 

She’d been sneezy a bit the last few days. No other major symptoms. Figured it was just late allergies. Until last night, when I checked on her and she was burning up. Now granted she’s usually an oven, especially since she sleeps with a fuzzy blanket. This was a new level of toasty. 

Full mom mode kicked in. 

Temperature checked. Low grade fever. Great. I spotted the used medicine squirter, so at least R had given her some medicine prior to me getting there. I climb into the bed and poor little baby just immediately curls up on me. Breathing hard. Making that throat clearing sound. Needless to say, it was a long sleepless night. She kept tossing and turning and waking up, roasting everytime. And everytime the thermometer never reached about 99*. 

Thankfully this morning her fever was gone, and she seemed like her normal self. I didn’t want to risk it, so I called out of work. Partly because I was exhausted from tending to her all night, but mostly because I know that no one takes care of a sick child like a mother does. 

Now, my child is a trooper. She will continue to play and whatnot even when she doesn’t feel go. She has a bad case of FOMO I’m sure. But there are a few tale-tell signs she’s not her usual happy self. She constantly asks for snuggles and medicine to feel better. All day long I heard “Momma I need medicine again.” But the most obvious sign is when she either asks for a nap or she doesn’t fight me when I say it’s time. 

She did this twice today. Extra snuggly each time, to which I kept thinking please don’t let me get sick. And so we slept on and off all day. When we weren’t sleeping I was wiping her nose, seriously our pile of tissues around the house today was ugh… just gross haha. I tried to convince her to try some soup to feel better. 

No momma I just need medicine. 

Well played kid. Even when you’re sick you’re still a defiant eater. As the sky turned dark outside, and she exclaimed it was bedtime, she barely made it through her bath and bedtime story before saying how very sleepy she was and was it finally time for medicine. 

Yes sweetheart. You can finally have more medicine. Bless her tiny little heart. Only my kid would ask for medicine this often. She also kept asking for Popsicles, kid was trying to play me good since she was sick. I wasn’t born yesterday though and I know that whole too sick to eat anything but I need something cold to soothe me trick. Yup definitely see more of me in this kid every day. 

So now she is out. And I feel slightly less exhausted. But then I look at the house that didn’t get cleaned today and I feel that exhaustion returning. I guess I need a maid. And a nanny. And a chef. Any takers? 


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