A to Z Challenge: T is for…


But in the end I’m just not feeling like finishing this challenge. I know I know. I’m so freaking close. But really. 







let’s all agree that after T the alphabet sucks. Anyway with all the crazy I have to do this weekend getting ready for Em’s birthday on Wednesday and just how exhausted I am (like always) I just need a few more days of not trying to come up with a catchy post for a random letter. 

So ta-ta for now. I may not be posting but I’ll be scrolling, reading, in what little time I have between errands. If it makes anyone feel better… I didn’t even finish the book I was reading. Again. Granted it just sucked. I don’t know why I keep picking these horrible books… 

Ps if anyone has any advice on managing your first birthday party as a separated couple let me know… like asap. 


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