Acting White 

I recently posted my own post about how often I am questioned if my child is mine. I believe I briefly touched on the subject of being called “white” myself, by both blacks and whites alike. It used to bother me, but as I’ve gotten older not so much. If I’m judged for speaking, dressing, or whatever a certain way then so be it. I’m not pretending to be anything. It’s just how I was raised,  and if that makes me white so be it. 

But as I mentioned in the post, as a mother of a biracial child, I do worry how these little comments will impact her. Whether it’s someone saying she’s adopted because she doesn’t look like me, or the “acting white” as she gets older. As the author of the post I shared below says, I want my daughter to embrace both sides of her. I don’t want her to feel ashamed or feel as if she’s different. And I think the author sums that all up perfectly. 



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