July Already??

I always hate this time of year. It’s hot. It’s humid. Mosquitos. And it just seems like time starts FLYING by. Before you know it, it’s #BasicWhiteGirl central with Pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that. And don’t even get me started on what follows at the strike of midnight on Halloween. Just kidding I am already planning for Christmas. 

But here we are… Hello July

June brought me through the second and longest month of the separation process so far. Like damn really. I still got 10 more months to go before I can even file!? I think I mostly got through it with summer sales… #retailtherapy. 

I tried an A to Z Challenge… but ugh yeah I got to the letter T. There was just too much going on. I was trying to get R on board with Em going to preschool in the fall, fingers crossed she gets accepted. I didn’t go to preschool… and look how I turned out. Yeah… you are not presenting a reasonable argument there buddy. Try again. Then there was Em’s birthday… which surprisingly went well. Minus a small mishap early in the day where I wanted to just throat punch him but never the less we continued on. And then another mishap with in-laws but we won’t get into that… 

Speaking of her birthday. Yikes. I have a THREE year old. And her attitude has really kicked in the last week or so. Or maybe my patience just really dropped. Either way, I can tell it’s going to be a LONG year. I had hoped she’d turn three and magically go back to her sweet self. Nope. More attitude and sass. But she has been extra cuddly lately so maybe soon? 

I noticed some old habits from some people and decided to just distance myself before it got to worse, and I got too emotionally involved again. I can say this has been my biggest accomplishment this year. 

Other random fun things that happened:

  • 50 followers on here– 🍾 thanks you guys 
  • I took Em to the beach for the first time 🏖🌊
  • I have a newfound love of Japanese food
  • I have an even stronger hate of bugs and spiders– seriously I am spraying bug repellent all along my walls but these little creepy crawlers just keep getting in. I know I live on the edge of the woods but damn. 
  • Speaking of woods. Bambi and his parents keep nonchalantly walking by the window sending Em into pure excitement. 
  • I joined #ITWorks — that wrap company… and well I hope that I see some good results. If not, I only wasted $10. Not $100 like some people. 

And oh my god. How could I forget!? Pretty Little Liars ended. AD was revealed… and just. I suspected it. I did. I just can’t believe it’s over now. See I’m a nice person who doesn’t spoil it in case you haven’t watched it yet, but um why not? It’s Saturday! I got up TWO hours early on my daughter’s birthday to watch the episode so I wouldn’t be subjected to social media blackout for the entire day. 

And lastly… health wise my doctor said things look good. All I want for Christmas is my Lupus in remission. He also said I looked the most refreshed he had ever seen. Ironic because the day I went I was frazzled and exhausted. Later my in-laws saw me and said the same thing. Maybe my ex really did make me sick…. 

Anyways. That was my month. July looms ahead with no real big plans or goals. I don’t know whether that’s sad or just my body and brain saying take it easy. 


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