4th of July Ramblings

eea5a419eba1c763e9c1e6db454847da First things first. HAPPY 4th of July fellow Americans!

Or if you’re British…


Seriously. I love 4th of July memes. Just adds flair to our festivities of BBQ-ing and drinking and fireworks! Speaking of fireworks, Emma and I survived her first firework show Sunday. Did I mention it? I seriously can not remember and I am feeling way too lazy to go backtrack… I mean I just spent a decent amount of time adding cute little things to my blog.

Oh you haven’t noticed?  

Well, I added my #Twitter feed… so you can have a real life at how unfiltered I am on a day to day basis. Be warned… I am 100% real on there. And my #gif game is strong. 

I also added some fancy-ish pictures of me on my #ABOUT page… 

And that’s it for now. But I am trying to be more REAL I guess. I want to be known as a person outside from just what I share on my posts. I was recently inspired so to speak, by another blogger on here to do that. And who knows, that blogger might even get me to upload a video! *Gasp* Right? What would I even talk about????

Anyways… it’s late and I had had these high plans of getting some serious writing done today since Emma was with R. Did that happen? Nope. Not at all. In fact, I think I did everything BUT write today.

  • #failed-hair-dying … my hair is way too black for any color to actually stick, so I only wasted an hour of my day doing that
  • #nails … toes & fingers because you can really only indulge when a toddler isn’t running around trying to paint her dolls nails
  • I cooked an actual meal… okay this sounds silly but here lately my leftover game has been strong. Like I ate leftover birthday pizza for like a week straight with no shame
  • I watched AN entire episode of a show I was behind on, in one sitting
  • I even got to catch up on a bit a sleep, a treasure that only happens when I am sans-Emma
  • Heck, I even went out and spent unnecessary money #ThanksTarget … but I got a lot of cute house things AND a book… so I mean I have that going for me right?

Yup… I was also supposed to do laundry. But whoops. Maybe tomorrow?  And I know what you are thinking WHAT ABOUT YOUR 4th of July FESTIVITIES? Well lads, I did that on Sunday… I got my firework fix in already. And I didn’t have Emma so I didn’t really have to do anything festive today.


Yall didn’t seriously think I was only going to share one meme did you?

But no really. My motivation to write anything of actual… worth?… is lagging. Actually I have a bazillion ideas bouncing around but when I actually start on them I bail out. Writer’s block got me bad. And it’s a little saddening, seeing everyone focused on that writing month thing… NaMa-something something. Like I clearly had nothing but time today to write and I didn’t. Until now. And it’s not even something of value.

This is why I am not a best selling author yet. 

I’m just too distracted. With the bazillion other things going on, I just can’t focus on writing ONE thing. So maybe I need to focus on writing a bunch of little things? Does that make sense? I don’t know, its late and I’m rambling bad…


images Alright… now I will go to sleep. Or so I say. Who knows… my twitter feed will tell on me regardless now. Maybe I shouldn’t have added it after all haha. 

Just kidding. No sleep yet. My neighbors decided to set off their fireworks now. WAY past time for them by the way. But… ‘Merica right??


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