Laundromat Tales

You don’t understand the luxury of something until you no longer have it. Case in point, a washer and dryer. Or a dishwasher, but this is not a post about that, but believe me I have a story for that another day. When I was looking for places to move to get this separation started, I said a washer and dryer wasn’t going to be a deal breaker. I just wanted a place I could afford that wasn’t in a bad part of town.

That was before I realized just how much laundry I accumulate over the course of the week. Seriously, I have no idea how I and a half a person that is Emma make so much laundry every week. Granted a lot of it is towels and washcloths, living with STBX I acquired a weird ordeal about not using towels and washcloths more than once.


Actually, I don’t know what his thing with reusing towels more than once, but whatever you pick up habits of those you live with. Case in point, I now found myself watching things with subtitles like he did. And I find it distracting having to keep looking at the bottom of the screen and trying to pay attention to the actual screen. 

Anyhow, so it’s Saturday afternoon/evening and I am sitting in the laundromat. And not just any laundromat, I had to go to the fancy side of town, where the prices reflect such. 

Now they had regular $2 machines. All broken. The next row were all $4. All full. The next row was $6. SIX fucking dollars. Are you kidding me? For $6 these machines better wash and dry all in one… Surprise they didn’t. And the dryers were $.25 for 6 minutes… I’m trying to understand the importance of 6 at this laundromat. So I reluctantly loaded up the $6 machines, and went to sit down with laptop and headphones. Catch up on some tv you know. 

Only there was a little old lady set on telling everyone how her godson swindled her out of thousands.

Apparently he took her replacement credit card and charged thousands because she had good credit. She said she asked him if he knew where the card was and he told her he didn’t know when it came in the mail. She went on about how he set up the pin number under his phone number. And how she didn’t know what he needed all this money for other than drugs. On and on, about how the police wouldn’t do anything until she said she would get the news involved. Oh the cherry on top her car was stolen. 

I heard this story at least a dozen times during the hour I was there. 

And then apparently you can sit idle in the fire lane while you’re washing clothes because this other lady did just that. 

Overall… I think I spent way too much money on laundry today. And now I’m bored with no idea what to do with my child free evening… 


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