Already? And yes I know I published this a day early but that one day won’t hurt. 

I guess when you’re sick for half the month it really does just kind of sneak past you. This is one of the downsides of this time of year. Time flies by. One minute you’re like ah spring and the next it’s like wait back to school? When did this happen? I didn’t do all the fun summer things I had planned. 

You know what else I hate about this time of year? How late the sun sets. Look I get daylight savings time is important but I got a kid and she knows “when it’s dark out its bedtime“. Doesn’t work to well when it’s 8:30p and I’m running low on fumes and she looks outside and sees light still. 

Not that that extra hour really exists when you’re a parent of a small child. Their biological clocks are still set to go off at the Crack of dawn. 

So as July ends, and August comes swooping in with its No Sales Tax weekend, school registrations, and final vacations– I too am preparing.

 1) I am getting lesson plans together in the event Emma isn’t accepted into preschool. Who knew that preschools had waiting lists? I thought that was a joke for fancy preschools. So while STBX was dicking around not giving me an answer to enroll her, we got waitlisted. I figure I might as well be making the most of our day. #getaheadwhileyoucan 

2) I think I’ve mentioned before how I enjoy decorating for the holidays? Well those fall and winter decorations aren’t going to make themselves. 

3) Speaking of holidays… I’ve got to figure out our Halloween costumes. So far she’s said Belle, but last year ALL year long she said Elmo. Got her the costume and she cried. Like I told her Santa wasn’t real tears. I have to decide what I’m going to do for Thanksgiving… I know I’ll be working, because Gray Thursday is a thing now. And then of course Christmas! 

》Gifts aside– last year I was DONE by Halloween. I mean gifts wrapped and everything. Our tree went up November 1st because I was running out of closet space. This will be our first real holiday season separated. I don’t know what to do. The idea of still seeing his parents is unsettling. I didn’t enjoy visits to begin with and now it’s like do I even have to suffer through them? Then there’s the issue of who gets her on what day? Am I going to be alone? Because the idea of going to my own family’s house isn’t much more appealing. What do I do!? 

As you can tell, my mind never stops. And when it does its filled with sadness so really it’s a lose lose situation for me… 

Anyways… that’s my ramble. I hope to get my creative juices following again but between getting over being sick & all the other things going on… I just haven’t felt much creativity. Talk about bad writer’s block huh? 


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