a Love/Hate Relationship with Writing Prompts 

I have a board on Pinterest titled “Writing Prompts”. This particular board has 254 pinned writing prompt ideas. 254. Some of these pins have multiple prompts within it. And yet no matter how many times I go through them… 

I can never find anything I want to write about. 


An idea may bounce off my head but I go to write it out and POOF it disappears. I could go for the predictable “about me” prompts, but I am vulnerable enough to go through with these extremely personal questions? 

What do you think you deserve in life? 

Let’s talk about emotional eating.

Name a time you did this or went there. 

Seriously, I cringe inside a bit everytime I see one of those prompts and then mindlessly save them. What’s worse is I have tons of potential stories from some prompts. 

You leave the woods covered in blood… 

Time stops for nobody but you… 

Turn to page 394 and write about the third sentence in the fifth paragraph. 

Does this mean I am incapable as a writer? Am I not pushing myself enough to write these promts? Am I scared of the end result? So many questions and I am unable to answer most of them

I used to enjoy writing. I could just sit and type out a story and not even think about it. What happened? I grew up that’s what happened. Creativity and imagination got stomped out along the way I’m sure. Or perhaps life just keeps continuing to happen? That’s no excuse lots of best sellers have families. I don’t know what the deal is. But this writers block has got to go. Maybe I need to just force myself to pick a prompt and write it. 

In theory it sounds like a reasonable plan. But despite looking at these prompts and seeing a story there, I’m not seeing one I can commit too. Perhaps I shall just write a collection of cliffhanging, halfheartedly done stories. Maybe that could be my thing? And allow you to decide the ending. 

In my mind, I see tons of potential. But when it comes to writing, my self-confidence is unreasonably low. And then I look at my blog, originally it was supposed to be a “lifestyle blog”. Me chronicling my life with Lupus and being a (now single) mom. But I feel like it bores people. And then I also want to share my writing potential. You know if I ever write something that isn’t a narrative type thing. 

How do you do it guys? How do you get over your writers block? How do you finish an entire story? Surely I’m not the only one going through this struggle? 

On the bright side I am 2/2 in writing like I had hoped… which I guess is a start? 


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