Ladies, and men for that matter- wear what you want!

Per usual scrolling through my feed, I came across one post that was talking about women & fashion. It spoke to me so I clicked it and continued reading. The opening was more or less about a woman being criticized for what she wore to a theme park. Included was a brief part of the original author’s essay on the ordeal. Drawn to the light like a moth, I continued through the link to finish the essay

This essay truly hits the nail on the head as far as women and our clothing choices/options go. Now granted in my title I included men should wear what you want as well. As the original author says, you’re either going to be complimented or thrown to the wolves. You might as well be comfortable and happy when it happens. Embrace your body type, a lesson I am still trying to learn, and wear what makes you feel like you. 


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