Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce

Have you heard of this show? It comes on Bravo I believe. Anyway, I watched the first season “live” or rather every week when a new episode came on. It was cute. It was different. This of course was when I was happily married and didn’t think I would ever be getting a divorced. 

The second season came out around the time we decided that we really weren’t watching cable as much, so we has “downsized” and switched to Hulu & Netflix. I wasn’t super sad to be missing this season as it wasn’t one of those shows that was watch or die for me. And I expected it to eventually end up on either in the future. I had pretty much forgotten about the show until I saw it on Netflix the other day, as I predicted. Imagine my shock that I found out it had made it to season 3… 

I figured I would continue watching it since I’m in a bit of a show-hold. You know that time inbetween your favorite shows. I barely made it through the second season premiere episode. I don’t know if it’s because I’d lost so much interest in it. Or because I’m continuously tired and really don’t focus on a show unless it’s something I’ve been wanting to watch. Or perhaps maybe it’s because I’m now going through divorce and well no one wants to watch an elaborated show about what they’re going through. 

In fact one of the characters even says something similar. They want a sexy face of divorce, but the reality is divorce sucks. I agree with that statement. This show, if you’ve never seen it, is about a woman going through a divorce, but who’s still sleeping with her ex, because in the end they didn’t sign the papers. So now they’re in this weird limbo of everyone thinks they’re divorced but they’re actually together. Whatever. It’s nauseating. It’s a mood killer. 

Because the reality is, for most, divorce does suck. It’s not all fancy outfits and a rotating door of dates. For me honestly, I’m only 4 months into this process and I don’t ever want to go through this or any kind of heartache again. Ever. If that means I’m single the rest of my life I’m okay with that. After your heart heals you’ll find someone. That implies I’m going to be looking. And I’m not. I’ve got a daughter to think about. I’m not just going to bring any new guy around her. Especially not until she’s old enough to tell me if something happens. But we don’t have to worry about that because my next lover is going to be 4 legged and have a fluffy tail. 

Dogs are always faithful. And love you unconditionally. 

But back on track. This show. I feel bad that I’m bad mouthing it so much because now people are going to go watch it. Maybe? Or is that just me? If someone tells me something is terrible I have to find out for myself. Anyways, whatever if you go watch it and enjoy it- have at it. For me though, it hits a bit close to home. And perhaps my laugh meter is currently out of order given the circumstances, but I just can’t justify continuing a show about divorce. 

I’m emotionally unstable as is. The last thing I need is some tv show glorifying the crappy situation I’m in. Making me resent this fictional character. 

*oh sidenote completely off topic… I made it reluctantly through my first 2 days back at work. Despite no AC in 90 degree weather because of stupid store remodeling, I made it. I’m exhausted and my body is screaming out FUCK YOU, but I made it. Now next week when I work a full week is going to be a completely different story. 

So that’s my tidbit for today. I fell behind a few days. Maybe tomorrow holds something good. 


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