Divorce is Spreading like Wildfire

Today, twitter told me that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are separating… After an initial gasp and clicking of the article, sadness started to fill my body. They were true #relationship-goals… and if they can’t make it, is there really any hope for the rest of us? 

Obviously for me, the answer is already no. But still, it seems that divorce is the latest trend. Just the other day I read that another Real Housewife who I am fairly certain recently said I Do again, announced that she was getting a divorce. 

I can’t remember the last time I was waiting in line to check out and saw a tabloid not headlining the split of another Hollywood couple. 

I scroll through facebook, and see friends announcing their own splits, either in encrypted statuses or blatantly saying IT’S OVER. Friends I thought for sure would never divorce. But then again, I too thought I was above divorce. 

What is happening? Why is til death do us part not being taken seriously? Are we just truly not meant to be with one person forever? Do soulmates no longer exist? 

I remember reading awhile back of “trial marriages”– where individuals were getting married for a few years as a trial run to make sure that marriage is the step they want to take. I actually was able to find the article on it. And I remember thinking how this wasn’t a good method. For most, the first few years of marriage seem to be the honeymoon phase. The bad years don’t come until later, if they come at all. And even then, do you just throw something away breaks? Or do you at least try to fix it first? 

I guess I’m just old-fashioned because I always try to fix things when they break. 

And I get it, believe me, somethings just can’t be fixed and that’s okay. But how many people really try? 

Perhaps vows should be until divorce do us part. 


7 thoughts on “Divorce is Spreading like Wildfire”

  1. Oh no I didn’t realise this!! It’s so sad how no one stays together these days – even the one’s you’d bet your life on would stay a couple! All I want is to fall in love, meet ‘the one’ and stay together forever – if I could be so lucky.

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    1. I know. I wanted that. Thought I had it… but oh well this is not going to turn into a pity party response! Some days I daydream that maybe again some day but then I’m like… do I really want to go through it again? Nah probably not. Not with all my fun filled baggage lol.

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      1. Hahaha yeah. Even though I’m not married yet (and no kids) I’d be devastated to get married only to get divorced. I think I’d be like you – is it really worth it the second time round? I’m such a romantic and I know that the reality will never measure up… Oh god this really is turning into a #pityparty and I don’t even have a boyfriend yet! Haha

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      2. Haha yes it is. We have to stop this. Or at least add wine. 😂 forget the boyfriend invest in a puppy. They love you unconditionally. I keep telling everyone that my next lover will have 4 legs and fluffy tail and never leave me until we’re old and gray.

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      3. I have both a dog & a cat 🙂 Currently dating someone who is a really lovely guy, but I’m still a bit nervous to get into a serious relationship. Had my heart broken last year by this total player – but I was more devastated when my cat went missing… LOL

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      4. Aw see you’re good. You’ve got 2 adorable pets you’re all set on the unconditional love. I used to be the type to say just jump right in love is great. But broken hearts take time to heal so just go with it is my advice 🙂


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