Where did you go?

Girl, where did you go on June 18th? Lol 

Was the text message I had waiting for me the other night from STBX. Wondering why he was asking, I called and asked him why he wanted to know. He just laughed and asked me again where I went that day. After a major eyeroll over the phone, I pulled the calendar up on my phone to look at the date. It was Father’s day. 

I’m pretty sure that’s the day we went to the beach why? 

You went through a toll and didn’t pay. He responded laughing. I sighed. Just what I needed on top of all my recent medical bills. A ticket. 

Oh… Yeah I remember driving through the sign that said Toll Up Ahead but when we left the tunnel there wasn’t one. So I thought it was a mistake. Did I get a ticket? 

Just a $5 one. I’ll pay it I’m not worried about 5 dollars. I opened it up and it didn’t say anything it just had a picture of a license plate and I said ‘this isn’t mine..  oh… Wait it’s yours. Damn girl.’ 

So… let this be a lesson for everyone. If you go through a tunnel that says Toll Up Ahead and there’s no toll when you exit. Be prepared for a ticket nearly 2 months later for the toll amount.

It sounded a lot funnier when it actually happened… Lol 


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