Runeda's Corner

Runeda’s Corner

A new year, brings a new feature for

The Lupie Momma Blog!

The first Wednesday of every month will feature a guest blog post from one of my friends Runeda. She is a  budding blogger who is wanting to dip her toes into blogging without the full commitment, and I was more than happy to give her a little spot on my blog.

I only wished someone had done for me starting out!

Imagine how less stressful it could have been right? 

So who is this Runeda?


A loaded question to ask…

Runeda is a 28 year old Tidewater Region native, with a Communications degree with a serious creative streak. She once dreamed of becoming a clothing designer, but now has her sights set on publishing a best-selling book.  She has always had a love for fashion, writing and contact sports.

Anything that makes my creative juices flow, makes me a happy girl!

Her blog interests and goals?

She has so many ideas, ranging from putting together the perfect outfit to discussing the sick hat trick Alex Ovechkin did during the game against Detroit, to whatever yummy recipe she’s trying out this month. She also wants to help break the stigma around mental health & illness, by sharing her own journey with bipolar disorder. Her end goal is to be able to use her platform to give back to others.

Want to connect with her outside of the blog?

You can check out her social media accounts:

Twitter: @scottymermaid

Instagram: @neda_bella_


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