Life Happens

I did a bullet journal for almost a week…

I lied. I was supposed to do my bullet journal daily. But I didn’t.

I started off strong January 1st, like all good resolutions do. And then the 2nd and 3rd came, and I mentally said hey I need to do that as I swiped the reminder off my phone. So today the 4th I did the last 3 days.

But I’m still on the first week so that still counts right?

For my sake let’s say it does, because the good ol eating better resolution went out the door already.

My resolutions will actually start Feb. 1st. January is a free trial period.

I prayed. Daily devotionals. Highlighted and the part that stuck out the most written in my journal.

I’ve kept track of my mood as far as depression and anxiety go, and I don’t know if I’m just shooting out positive vibes like glitter in a confetti cannon this year but things are starting off good.

Dodging bad vibes like the Baby shark song. A few close encounters then bouncing out the way.

Now I’m sure for the best results I do have to do it daily as planned. But even just catching back up for the last few days felt good.

It might have been just all the praying but whatever I will take it.

I still have a few more days and we’ll see how I feel once I “complete an entire week.”

Is anyone else doing a daily mindful activity?


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