Dear First Love,

Oh boy.

This is going to be interesting.

Do I pick my preschool sweetheart?

Or the boy who bought me ice cream at lunch every day in first grade?

What about my first actual boyfriend? No there was definitely no love there.

Maybe this is for the next boyfriend? Though I’m not sure love was there either.

It’s funny how you can date someone but never feel or be in love.

Or perhaps I just didn’t understand what love was.

Maybe I still don’t.

Maybe my ideas of it have been all wrong?

So how about I tell you about my forever love?

Her name is Emma.

She is sassy and strong willed and Lord help me I see more of me in her everyday.

She is without a doubt the love of my life.

Always and forever.

I may not be able to recall my first love. But she is definitely my forever love.


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