Life Happens


If you had asked me back in March would I ever remove my wedding ring, the answer would have been no. My motto was "wearing a ring but ain't gonna be no Mrs". I was looking for freedom rings to wear. And then what would have been our anniversary rolled around and I just could… Continue reading Ring-less

Life Happens

Operation Wi-fi

In a world full of #1stworldproblems¬†so often we take for granted little luxuries. Dishwashers. Washers and dryers. Cars with remote start that are perfect for the sweltering summer days. Really, the list of little things adds up after awhile. And I mean some of those luxuries are a god-send when you're having a bad.¬†Body aching… Continue reading Operation Wi-fi

Life Happens

“A Letter to Those Who Have Depression” by Maybe Crazy Help

Finally catching up on my reading on here & I came across this open letter to those of us dealing with depression. ...Depression is not you. You are so much more than just a sad dreary word. You are love, you are a brother, a sister, a child, a friend, a parent, a lover, you… Continue reading “A Letter to Those Who Have Depression” by Maybe Crazy Help