Contact & Walk to End Lupus

Welcome to the Contact & Lupus Awareness Center!

Feel like getting to know me better, have an idea you’d like me to write about, want to collaborate on a post? Shoot me a message using the following form, and I’ll reply as quickly as I can. Want a faster response? Follow me on TWITTER @OyyMate_ItsD

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Looking to support or raise awareness for the Lupus Foundation? 

First off, thank you!

If you want to make a donation, any-time of the year, and not just when I’m fundraising for a walk, you can do so by going to my personal Lupus Tribute page by by clicking here.

If you want to find ways you can get involved raising awareness, the Take Action page on the Lupus Foundation of America website is where you want to go.

Friendly reminder that any donation is tax deductible.