One Dangerous Lady

ūüėĀ Book #12 for the year! I have completed my resolution of reading 12 books over the year! "One Dangerous Lady" is the sequel to Social Crimes. Picking up months after Social Crimes ends, we rejoin Jo Slater who has regained her status in the high society of NYC. She soon finds herself caught up… Continue reading One Dangerous Lady

Lupus Awareness

Lupus & the Sun

As you know I have Lupus. An autoimmune disorder where my body sees itself as a virus and attacks it.¬† I try not to bombard you with the mundane day-to-day life of having it, because even I get tired of talking about Lupus.¬†Or the elephant in the room as I sometimes refer to it.¬†And I… Continue reading Lupus & the Sun


Oh hey there Sunshine Award

With great pleasure, I am excited to once more be nominated for a Sunshine Award! I was nominated by the lovely¬†Hunida,¬†who blogs about just about everything from her favorite places to eat to exciting and¬†sexy¬†adventures. Trust me, you will never grow bored reading her blog. There are always rules for these things so, here they… Continue reading Oh hey there Sunshine Award


On the eve of my daughter’s birthday…

‚Ė†Originally posted on June 27, 2017‚Ė† This time three years ago, I sat in a fugly hospital gown and semi-cute gingerbread like grippy socks, struggling to stay somewhat awake until the nurse said it was finally okay to go to sleep for the night. The joys of having an induced delivery. No my daughter wasn't… Continue reading On the eve of my daughter’s birthday…