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Birthday ?s (Age 5)

Last year, I decided to start asking Emma birthday questions every year, now that she is more capable of providing actual answers. How old are you going to be? 5 What is your favorite thing to do? play hide and seek & watch movies What do you want to be when you grow up? an… Continue reading Birthday ?s (Age 5)


Another Year, Another Birthday Party

It is that time of year again... My tiny human will be 5 on Friday! And alas, I will spare a re-telling of her birth. At least for now. And despite my exclamation that I will NOT let birthday parties be the death of me, it appears that they may very well be. Learning from our mistakes from last… Continue reading Another Year, Another Birthday Party


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

After what seems like a bazillion bloody years and endless teaser trailers, the Harry Potter fandom finally has our own version of Pokemon Go. Currently only available in Australia, the UK and the US At least judging from the comments Australia is included but definitely UK/US The long awaited game was released in the wee… Continue reading Harry Potter: Wizards Unite