Life Happens


If you had asked me back in March would I ever remove my wedding ring, the answer would have been no. My motto was "wearing a ring but ain't gonna be no Mrs". I was looking for freedom rings to wear. And then what would have been our anniversary rolled around and I just could… Continue reading Ring-less

Life Happens


If you've been following me for awhile, you know that self help books are not really my thing. I get a few chapters deep and realize that I'm wasting time reading because I'm already doing the stuff. Or I bail out because I'm not in a good place mentally to read someone happy tell me… Continue reading Ex-Etiquette

Life Happens

Kindergarten Registration is Here!

Today was Emma's KINDERGARTEN registration! My little munchkin is officially school aged! And I am in all the feels. I think she's going to like her school. She better anyways because Momma is going to be driving 30 minutes to take her during my weeks.┬áJust another lovely perk of divorce right? Now-- we could have… Continue reading Kindergarten Registration is Here!