Life Happens

“Wearing a ring but ain’t gonna be no Mrs.”

I recently heard through the grapevine that Ariana Grande's song "7 rings" is about her recent ring exchange at Tiffany's after her engagement ended. In which she purchased matching rings for her besties. And she proudly exclaims that she's "wearing a ring but ain't gonna be no Mrs." and I felt that in my heart… Continue reading “Wearing a ring but ain’t gonna be no Mrs.”

Life Happens

Moving– The Sequel

Two years ago I thought I was starting a new chapter... I was heartbroken to say the least. But I was determined to get through it. I questioned What are these sounds?in my brand new home and shared Thoughts from a Broken Heart. I teetered on the line of celebrating my birthday & mother's day… Continue reading Moving– The Sequel

Life Happens

How Are My Resolutions Going?

I had huge but minimalist resolutions for this year. Easy stuff like: Do a bullet journal to keep track of my moods, anxiety, and resolutions Eat healthier Exercise more Pray daily Read Nothing extreme. I decided January is like my free trial month for 2019... I have been mostly keeping up with my bullet journal...… Continue reading How Are My Resolutions Going?